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Also, most people would not find spending their days, nights and weekends away from family and friends remotely appealing- even if doing so from fine restaurants and hotels, on yachts or for private clients. My job is not easy but I love it. I feel privileged to be able to get out of bed each day and actually DO this job because my body and mind allow me to. It is so easy to take these fundamentals for granted.

Food Philosophy | At Katherine's Table

As I mentioned, through the years my perspective and my life have changed. I wanted to be in the refined, professional kitchen and apply refined, advanced techniques to special, rare, exotic and expensive ingredients. The luxury segment was and is about indulgence and pleasure, propped up by expensive often rare sought after ingredients and fine wines of the same category.

The egos of the chefs challenging the egos of the diners but what for? Sure, for the experience- dining is the ultimate entertainment what else evokes all of your senses simultaneously? Well, none really.

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For me, it took about ten years. I was age 35, lying in bed, awake all night for many nights.

The Forks Over Knives Diet

My hands warm to the touch, swollen, burning up. Did I have arthritis? Carpel tunnel? Would I need surgery? Of course not being able to sleep at night wasn't good for business during the day. I was unable to do my job to my standards because I was struggling both physically and mentally. This continued for months and happened to coincide with the months of my wife's pregnancy with our first child. My doctor had always told me to eat healthy meals and emphasized more exercise.

He suggested the Mediterranean diet but his good advice ended there. But what did he mean? What was the Mediterranean diet? How do you start and how do you keep it going? I am confident that my doctor cared about me and all of his patients. He had the best intentions but was restricted by time and likely his own knowledge.

Food Pyramid For Wholefood Plant-Based Living

Unfortunately as I have learned, doctors don't get much education about nutrition in medical school According to an NIH study, only 40 medical schools require the minimum 25 hours recommended by the National Academy of Sciences. He couldn't suggest any specific ways to eat that promoted health like those who may live in the Mediterranean or mimic that lifestyle. He didn't have a handout with recipes or foods to include more of or the foods to avoid that would address my symptoms. I was instead advised to take over the counter drugs.

I went on with life like most people.

What it is: a world of plant foods

I figured that even if I was eating the occasional junk foods like French fries, hot dogs and ice cream among many others- I still thought dairy products were good food for humans! I could simply hit the gym and burn off the calories, right?. Never once had I considered that the food I was consuming contributed directly to the way I felt everyday and my health- and oh yes, my burning hands.

Hey, I exercised plenty. I was on a local cycling team, riding my bike often miles per week and racing on the weekends. So, what turned me around and led me down the path I have taken? I guess if you were to call it anything you may call it dumb luck. It was in an eye-opening documentary I found one night while scrolling through Netflix. Many of you have probably heard of it or even seen it.

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This film questioned everything fundamental to my perspective of food and how the consumption of food directly relates to our health and well being. Doctors using food as Medicine? Not so much. About 2, years ago Hippocrates had already figured it out when he said, "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. In the beginning they were all propped up on medications and conventional medical and dietary advice.

The documentary follows these individuals from the point they are given a plant-based diet, nutritional and lifestyle guidance and support from doctors and medical professionals subscribing to the approach. By the end of the film, a period of months, their health outcomes had all improved dramatically. These people were now off all medications, ailments lifted, vitality restored. A truly remarkable result having been duplicated by countless others since and one that I have personally experienced.

Food Philosophy

This film convinced me that I needed to give this approach a try. Would it work for me? I did not know at the time but I finally felt compelled to take my health into my own hands and give it a try.

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What did I have to lose? Conventional approaches had gotten me nowhere and if it didn't help I could always go back to my old diet and lifestyle. And the film was inspiring on a very personal way. With a child on the way I felt responsible to live better, to be healthier and be around for a long time.

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We have also made the decision to avoid eating oil. We no longer use oil to cook or bake. Yes that included olive oil and coconut oil. We still get healthy fats from seeds and nuts, along with healthy amounts of fat that are naturally found in plants.

Healthy eating is possible even in real life with bills, kids, and crazy schedules. We make it work.

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We just do our best. For us that means there may be oil in my salad dressing at a restaurant but not at my house. We also believe that our bodies were created by God and we have a duty to take care of them. Therefore honor God with your bodies.

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